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Selected Works

Newspaper/Web writing

The New York Times

I’ve contributed to more than 10 columns in the business section over the years including "The Boss," a widely read column before it was discontinued in 2013.



The Boss:

Magazine writing

USA Weekend

I've written on parenting topics for this Sunday supplement to many newspapers.

Here's a piece that utilized my background writing for pharmaceutical companies:


USA Weekend




                           Should your child be in a clinical trial?

Kids aren't little adults. That's why studies are needed to learn about their health and test new treatments. One government-sponsored study will follow 100,000 children from the womb to age 21 and is now recruiting participants. (Learn more at

Have questions about whether to let your child participate in a study? Here are some answers:

Can it help my child? Your son or daughter may get help for a medical disorder, including an experimental drug or treatment.

How do I learn about the risks? Go to the Food and Drug Administration's website and search for "should your child be in a pediatric trial." Also, before you enroll, consult your pediatrician.

Is there a list of these studies? To find pediatric trials, go to and do an advanced search for children ages birth to 17.


A technical article on privacy and data security in a flexible office space


If you've flown Continental, you may have seen my byline in the airline's magazine.


On Wall Street

I wrote the executive column for this financial services industry magazine for almost 10 years. It features the people on the retail side of the major wirehouses and other top companies, including Vanguard, Deutsche Bank, and others.

Family Business

For Family Business, I write the At the Helm column, which has a Dewars-profile format. The column features heads of companies that are household names, such as Aflac, Columbia Sportswear, and Dietz & Watson.


Sober Siblings: How to Help Your Alcoholic Brother or Sister – and Not Lose Yourself

(Da Capo Lifelong, 2008)

Here's an excerpt from the back cover of my book on addiction in the family:

In the vein of Adult Children of Alcoholics, Sober Siblings is the first book geared specifically to the siblings of alcoholics. Patricia Olsen, sister of two alcoholic brothers, shares her personal experiences along with interviews with other sober siblings, while Petros Levounis, M.D., the director of The Addiction Institute of New York at St. Luke's and Roosevelt Hospitals, offers expert advice.

I also write book proposals for aspiring authors.