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USA Weekend

Here's a link to a sample article that utilizes my background in pharmaceutical writing. 



USA Weekend


Should your child be in a clinical trial?

Kids aren't little adults. That's why studies are needed to learn about their health and test new treatments. One government-sponsored study will follow 100,000 children from the womb to age 21 and is now recruiting participants. (Learn more at nationalchildrensstudy.gov.)


Have questions about whether to let your child participate in a study? Here are some answers:


Can it help my child? Your son or daughter may get help for a medical disorder, including an experimental drug or treatment.


How do I learn about the risks? Go to the Food and Drug Administration's website fda.gov/consumer and search for "should your child be in a pediatric trial." Also, before you enroll, consult your pediatrician.


Is there a list of these studies? To find pediatric trials, go to clinicaltrials.gov and do an advanced search for children ages birth to 17.